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University at a Glance
    ...read more
Monday, November, 02, 2015

Foreign Students Enrollment
To enrol in a first-cycle degree program program, students must hold a high-school degree from an Italian institution or an equivalent qualification f ...read more
Monday, April, 13, 2015

Helpdesks (SOT)
Recruitment and Counseling – Helpdesks (SOT) These helpdesks provide information on the university academic programs, entry t ...read more
Monday, April, 13, 2015

Admission procedures
Enrolment information Here you will find general informations about foreign students enrolment at the University of Cassino and Southern ...read more
Monday, April, 13, 2015

General Contacts
General Contacts Helpdesk Online http://supporto.unicas. ...read more
Thursday, April, 02, 2015